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In 1991 Ruth Choi was murdered and it was whittled down to 6 suspects, but the case was never solved. Watch interviews, go through evidence and build your case. A game where you are never told outright who the killer is. Use your own deductive skills to find out, who killed Ruth Choi.


Watch Interview Tapes

During the initial investigation of the case. Detective Munroe and Detective Williams managed to whittle down to 6 suspects. They brought those 6 in for questioning.
Watch these tapes and see if you can catch any information that the detectives may have overlooked.


Search Through Evidence

Search through all the evidence that has been gathered on the case.
From Article pieces such as, Witness Statements, Detective Notes, Ruth's Diary to Autopsy Reports.
Evidence items like, Weapons, Personal Effects to DNA Samples.
Unlock bits of additional information by going through these pieces of evidence and find out about certain locations around Wolf Peak.


Request Evidence Testing

Since the 90s, evidence testing has come along way.
Test pieces of evidence and get new information that the past detectives would never have got.
Use your detective reasoning to figure out the correct type of testing that you need to do. Careful though... each piece only has 3 samples available.


Build Your Investigation

Use the Crazy Wall to pin important pieces of evidence. Connect them to the suspects using string.
Anything connected to the suspect you convict at the end will be used to convict the suspect. Will you have had enough to arrest them, or will they get away?
Feel like a detective and pin what you find important, to the investigation wall. Connect the evidence pieces using string to the suspect that you believe are connected.
Anything you connect to the suspect can be used for a conviction at the end.
Will you have had enough to arrest them, or will they get away?

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